How To Fix Roof Leak Around Chimney?

How to fix roof leak around chimney

Water leaking through a chimney wall is a common occurrence. The reason might be gaps in flashing which require immediate attention. Leaving it untreated may damage walls, rot wood or cause mold growth because of excessive moisture. Moreover, late repairs lead to extra costs. Therefore, a quick fix becomes the need of the hour. You can try fixing chimney flashing yourself if you know about it. If not, contacting a professional for roof repair in Long Beach is a good idea.

Here Are The Steps To Fix A Roof Leak Around Chimney:

  • Climb onto the roof using the extension ladder in a safe location.
  • Examine the flashing on the chimney. Remove any leaves or dirt that may be blocking your view. Check all borders for any openings that are allowing water to enter.
  • Remove any loose or damaged sealant with the help of a chisel and wire brush.
  • Put new flashing sealant on all of the flashing’s edges. Cut a hole in the tube tip with the utility knife to make a 1/4-inch bead of sealant.
  • Apply sealant behind the free edges of any loose flashing.
  • Apply extra masonry screws to the loose flashing using the hammer drill to secure it.
  • Dry the sealant and test the repair by running water around the chimney for 5 minutes with a garden hose.
  • If the leak continues, check for any holes you may have overlooked and apply more sealant.

If these steps do not yield results, get in touch with an expert roof contractor in Los Angeles for the best chimney leak services. A certified and trained professional knows the job while ensuring safety.

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Other Factors Contributing To Chimney Leaks

  • Worn out brick and mortar joints
  • Condensation
  • Damaged chimney crown
  • Uncovered chimney top


Chimneys require regular maintenance to prevent any wall damage and other issues. Do not ignore the warning signs to avoid paying extra costs for repairing. Before you try fixing yourself, be aware of your skills because your lack of experience can worsen it. Seek professional assistance for chimney leakage fixes. Whether you need a roof repair or roof replacement in Downey, consult an expert for first-hand information.

How To Fix Roof Leak Around Chimney?
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