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Many homeowners, on realizing that there is a leak in their roof or it is getting older, start thinking about a roof replacement. However, sometimes you can also fix the problem without going in for roof replacement. You need the opinion of a trusted roofer to understand the actual problem and know the course of action you need to take.

Sometimes a roof requires repair or partial reroofing. In other cases, the different layers of shingles need to be torn off, increasing the cost of roof replacement. So if you wish to know what is the right solution to your roofing problem, you need to schedule a roof inspection before you decide to replace the roof.

At Olympus Roofing, a team of experts is sent to your site to inspect the current condition of the roof and accordingly suggest which kind of repair or procedure you require to fix your roof.

Signs that Indicate the Need for Roof Replacement

Different signs indicate the need for roof replacement. These include signs like:

  • Water leakage in the attic or the ceilings of rooms underneath the attic.
  • Cracking, worn, damaged, or missing shingles.
  • Sagging shingles or sagging gutters.
  • Broken flashing around chimneys, vents, skylights, and eaves.
  • A significant change in heating and cooling bills.

If you notice any of these signs, don’t wait until it is too late. Reach out to the expert roofers at Olympus Roofing for a free quote for roof replacement.

Re-roofing or Roof Replacement: What Is Right For You?

If your roof has been troubling you for some time and there are leaks and other damages, you are probably looking for the right options to fix your roof. The first option that comes to every homeowner’s mind is reroofing since it is a less expensive option as compared to roof replacement. However, you must know that reroofing isn’t an option for all. One must know the differences between the two to take a wise decision for their home.

What is Reroofing?

The process of reroofing involves layering a new set of shingles on top of the existing shingles. This method can only be used once to fix the roof. If you already have two layers of roofing, you cannot consider reroofing. Reroofing does not involve tear-off, and therefore, its lifespan is much shorter. It is also less expensive than a complete roof replacement.

What is Roof Replacement?

During roof replacement, our team of roofers tears off the existing roof down to the deck. Once that is done, we put on new felt paper and shingles. You can opt for roof replacement irrespective of the number of layers of shingles already on the roof. Roof replacement is an option even when reroofing is not.

Roof replacement requires more labor, and therefore, is more expensive than re-roofing. If you want a free estimate for roof replacement, you can contact us at (310) 666-0573.

When Should You Choose Roof Replacement?

You can choose roof replacements at any time. They are a preferable roofing treatment for situations when there is more than one layer of shingles on the roof. During reroofing, we do not lift the existing shingles. As a result, you don’t know what is the condition of the roof deck. Sometimes, you cannot judge the rot or sag beneath the shingles. Roof replacement is the right solution for problems suspected with the roof deck as well.

Roof replacement is the best answer if the shingles and the roof are in bad shape. Roof replacement addresses all the problems instead of only covering up the affected areas.

To conclude, it is worth saving on reroofing only in a few situations. Mostly, it is recommended that you go in for roof replacement. This is because roof replacement is a safer and longer-lasting solution.

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