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Many homeowners feel that they don’t need to install a new roof until their existing one springs a leak. However, if you wait for your old roof to start leaking or showing signs of other damage, the cost of roof installation will be more. Why? Because even the structure of your home would have been damaged by then, leaving you with more repairs to fix and more expenses to incur.

To help make your decision of roof installation easier, we suggest that you ask yourself a few questions.

How old is your current roof? If you use proper materials and installation techniques, the life of an asphalt shingle roof is about 20 to 25 years or even longer. When it comes to a tile roof, the lifespan is around 30 years or more. Some other factors determine the life of an asphalt roof. These factors include the number of shingle layers and if there is proper ventilation. If you don’t know when the roof of your house was installed, you can think of going in for a roof inspection.

  • Step outside to look at your roof. Do you see any sagging or imperfections on the shingles? Are the layers straight? If there is sagging, it is a sign of rotting of the sheathing under the shingles. Take a closer at the valleys. These are crucial parts of your roof because, during rainfall, water flows through these valleys to the gutters and the ground.
  • Are any of the shingles curled, broken, or cracked? Do you see broken or cracked tiles? Shingles and tiles deteriorate with age. Also, check if any shingles or tiles are missing. All the end pieces or tabs should be intact.
  • Inspect your chimney. Is there flashing made of tar or roof cement? Chimneys are essential parts of a roof and must have a long-term, water-tight fitting, like strong metal flashing.
  • During or after a rain, go and check your attic. Are there any signs of leakage or water damage? Do you see any daylight streaming through the roof from where it shouldn’t?

Our team of qualified and experienced roof inspectors can help you understand the severity of these warning signs. With our professional opinion, you can decide on roof installation a lot sooner and save yourself from the hassles of excessive repair in the future.

How Much Time Does Roof Installation Take?

On average, we take between 1 to 14 days to complete roof installation. This timeline is from the day you send an inquiry to schedule your roof installation to the time the job is completed. Many factors affect the time it takes to complete the project. For instance, the size of the roof and the type of shingles needed make a difference in how long the professionals take in installing your roof.

After beginning the job, we take about two to four days to give your new roof its look. If we face any problems at the time of tearing off and there are additional repairs that need to be undertaken, the schedule will fluctuate.

The Tear Off

The first step for roof installation is tearing off. Here, we strip your roof right down to the deck. Our starting point is the ridgeline. We ensure that we only remove the shingles we can replace on that same day so that you never have an uncovered portion of the roof.

Our team takes all precautions and necessary actions to make roof installation clean and unobtrusive. We ensure that no debris ends up in your yard or home. For certain projects, we use tarps to keep away debris. Our engineers take care and don’t let the tarps remain for very long on the grass or other impressionable areas.

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